Our mission is to create innovative and sustainable public toilet facilities that leave an impression on your visitors for all the right reasons. 

Permaloo creates precast concrete toilets that are custom-designed to your specifications and arrive on site ready to connect and use. From basic public toilets through to architecturally designed spaces, we’ll deliver the ideal facility for your site, environment and community.


1. Built to Last

They don’t build things like they used to – but we do. Permaloo public toilets are robust, vandal-proof buildings that can withstand even the harshest bush and beachfront environments. We’ll create your public toilet facility using precast concrete, the same sustainable material used to build the many ancient roman structures still standing today.

2. Designed to Suit

Permaloo public toilets are versatile and custom-designed to suit your specific site and requirements. From basic and discreet solutions through to complex architectural designs that make a statement, we’ll work with you to create detailed concept drawings and the perfect public toilet design.

3. Quick to Build

A short on-site build programme is good for your community, your environment, and your budget. Our precast concrete toilets are delivered to your site with plumbing, fixtures and fittings ready to go, making them quick and simple to install. That means minimal on-site disruption and a new public toilet facility you can use within weeks.

4. Community Driven

We want your community to feel a sense of ownership and pride in their public toilets. We attend consultation meetings to get an understanding of your residents’ priorities, and use local contractors on the ground to help support your economy. The result is a popular public toilet facility everyone has had a hand in creating.

5. Low Maintenance

Your time is precious, so it’s important that your public toilet facilities are simple to manage and maintain. Unbound by catalogue products, we recommend the highest quality finishes and fittings for your project free from bias, and all Permaloo public toilets are designed to be easy to clean.

6. Environmentally friendly

We care about the environment as much as you do, which is why Permaloo public toilets are made using natural, permanent materials with a minimal environmental footprint. Our prefabrication process means the majority of the build takes place in our factory – not on site – so you don’t have to manage teams of tradespeople or transport them in and out of remote locations. You also have the option of an eco-friendly composting or dry vault toilet system.


Our prefabrication process means we're able to overcome on-site challenges and deliver fast, easy installation.