Frequently Asked Questions

How is Permaloo different from its competitors?

Our clients tell us that we are more flexible. We like working hand-in-hand with clients to create the facility they have in mind rather than just saying “here’s our range, which one do you like?” It’s a collaborative process from start to finish.

Why do you construct prefab modules from concrete?

Concrete is proven to be robust and durable. It also withstands the harsh environment that public facilities are often exposed to – sun, wind, rain, snow, sea air. Anything the weather throws at it, concrete can take. Has long life span reducing clients whole of life cost. 

Can you manage the complete project?

Yes! We offer a complete turn-key solution, from concept to completion. Ideas, drawings, plans and consents, we manage everything that’s needed to get the project completed to schedule.

What are the benefits of a prefabricated Permaloo?

There are several:

  • PermaLoo’s pre-cast concrete construction methodology gives councils added asset longevity, improves whole of life cost and adds extra value for your community every time
  • Because it’s done in a controlled, weather-proof environment, there’s a much higher factor of Quality Control.
  • Health and safety risks are greatly reduced.
  • There’s much faster installation and your project will be less affected by bad weather.
  • There’s less disruption to your community and the environment.

Can you use local contractors on the project?

We endeavor to use local contractors for installation where and whenever we can.  This includes builders, drain layers, electricians and more.

What about Health and Safety?

PermaLoo is prequalified for all major Health and Safety regulations. We do everything possible to ensure the safety of the whole team throughout the process.

What about remote sites with little or no services?

PermaLoo have a solution for every site. Our dry-vault toilets can be found in remote spots and freedom camping sites throughout New Zealand.

Do you stock replacement accessories?

Yes, we do. Most of the items we use are standard, so we can get replacement fittings fast.

Are there restrictions on the size of facility you can manufacture?

We are restricted by the size and weight of each module, but thanks to our modular pre-fabricated construction, we can custom-build almost any size facility you need and we’re very flexible with the design and internal fit-out. 

We also have a full range of pre-engineered solutions to suit any site and budget 

Is a Permaloo easy to keep clean, and do you offer a self-cleaning option?

Really easy! Smooth surfaces and sloping floors leading to strip drains make routine cleaning a piece of cake. At the moment we don’t offer a self-cleaning option but we do offer auto-locking and remote facility monitoring systems.

The toilet will be in an area with an established look. How will it fit in?

We always look for a way to add to the environment a toilet will be in and, thanks to our pre-cast build, we can offer you full range of finishes to fit in with almost any environment. Visit our gallery to see the enormous range of appearances available, or talk to us about what you have in mind.

How long has Permaloo been in business?

The original business started in 1960, and has been owned by the Smith Family since 1995. The PermaLoo division began in 2009 and is now a completely stand-alone business.

Can we include a specific item unique to our council in the build process?

Absolutely! Because every project is custom built, most requests can be accommodated. Just talk to us about what it is you have in mind.

Can you give us a list of referees?

Gladly! We have worked with most New Zealand councils and will happily provide referees for any specific region or New Zealand-wide. 

Where is Permaloo based?

Our Factory is located in Gisborne but our modular precast building system means we can deliver projects to sites anywhere in New Zealand, ready to connect for fast-hassle free installation.

How long does it take from order to delivery?

That really depends on the size of the project, but typically you’d be looking at around 16-18 weeks.

Can manufacturing of the toilet begin before building consent?

We get a Building Consent for every build and also supply a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) for the building, so yes we can manufacture the building while the site specific building consent is being processed.

Who handles all the required documentation for building consent?

As part of our service, PermaLoo provides all engineering drawings and site specific PS1 for lodging the building consent for every project. We can manage the BC process if you prefer. 

What about outdoor showers, fountains, benches and other amenities?

PermaLoo can supply or manufacture a range of related products for your project. Let’s talk about what you have in mind and we’ll get our thinking caps on!

Are there upfront costs for my project?

We offer no-obligation site visits and concept drawings, so getting started on your project is as easy as sending us a brief or give us a call.

Do you only build toilets?

While PermaLoo is well-known for designing and building pre-fabricated public toilets, we also build changerooms and sports parks facilities for councils and public bodies throughout NZ. 




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