Western bay of Plenty District council engaged Permaloo to create a custom-designed public toilet facility to suit the surrounding coastal environment and house four unisex pans and two changing rooms for males and females.

The Challenge

This particular site was located in a harsh coastal environment, so all building materials needed to withstand these conditions. The building design also needed to be iconic and in keeping with the environment, while fitting the footprint of the existing carpark. There were also restrictions on the overall building height to ensure the view from local houses wasn’t hindered.

The Solution

The standout feature of this public toilet facility was the unique outdoor showers that resembled surfboards propped in the sand. We also custom-designed the roof with large laminated beams mounted off unique concrete plinths. The sand dunes were retained by thick concrete walls to create space and access to the beach and seating, and a wheelchair ramp was installed. materials used included 316 stainless steel and high strength precast concrete and laminated beams to withstand the elements.

The Result

Waihi now has an excellent user-friendly public toilet facility that the community can be very proud of for many years to come. The building has been designed to be easy to clean and maintain, particularly for sand removal, and features the highest quality, hardest wearing materials. This project showcases the architectural design scope of Permaloo and attracts continual positive feedback.

“The Permaloo concept design proposals, which the council accepted, offered by far the best compromise between low cost, high quality, functionality, robustness, and resistance to the corrosive seaside environment.” – Scott Parker, Western bay of Plenty District council

The Details

  • 4 unisex toilet pans
  • 2 changing rooms
  • 4 outdooor showers
  • mono pitch roof
  • fully tiled
  • timber seating
  • full design and build
  • mural by
  • stainless steel accessories
  • covered waiting area